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All of our items are available at local pet shops. Using our Store Locator, you may find a merchant near you. Our freeze-dried raw goods may also be purchased through online merchants such as Central Online, Lazada and

Pricing varies from product to product and from shop to store, therefore we recommend contacting your local merchant for specific pricing. The price will also vary depending on the recipe and the amount of the bag.

Samples are generally available in the area pet shops who offer our products. Our store locator may be used to find a merchant in your region. If your business has no samples, please be aware that we have a guarantee of satisfaction. You can trust in buying a bag to test that!

We now also have test sizes for the purchase of our kibble products. Shop Now!

Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list, as we occasionally send out coupons through it. Visit our website, go to the bottom, and enter your email address where it says “Sign up and get 30 THB off.” You may also complete a Pet Profile for an extra 70 THB off (one per home) and exclusive deals all year long. Many shops also provide their own discounts, promotions, and bargains on certain items and brands, so inquire if they have any Kelly & Co’s offers coming soon!

We now also have test sizes for the purchase of our kibble products. Shop Now!


We advocate a cautious transition to ensure that your stomach does not become disturbed when you transfer to a new product or brand. Here are some suggestions to move dogs towards new foods and hints to move cats towards new foods.

Overnight, we should gradually thaw our frosted dinner cubes or morsels in a closed container in the refrigerator. You may remove them from a dish on your counter for 10-20 minutes if you have our frozen supper morsels. Please note that the cooked, heated or microwave goods should never be made. You may set the meal in your Ziplock bag or glass dish and plunge it into hot (very hot) water for several minutes if you need to swiftly frost the foodstuff. The food can sit up to 2 hours when served – anything remains is to be thrown thereafter.

Our freeze-dried raw cubes and food mixers can be fed dry or rehydrated before feeding. before feeding. Please ensure that your pet drinks enough water at meals, if you want to use the items dry. If you’re not a big drinker or if you fear that they might not get sufficient water, then rehydration with cool or warm water or broth is recommended before you feed your pet. Food can be fed dry till the discards are discarded for up to 12 hours. The meal can sit up to 2 hours when fed rehydrated.

Yes, but not for more than two days. We would not advocate keeping the meal for an hour or two before storing it in the refrigerator once it has been rehydrated.

We now also have test sizes for the purchase of our kibble products. Shop Now!

We should never warm, cook or heat our items in any manner. It is vital to keep the food crude and in its natural condition to retain its nutritional content, because heating might destroy many advantages before serving the meal. Moreover, in our raw diets we incorporate crude ground bone. While raw bones are very safe and needed in the raw food, when they are cooked, they become fragile and can split into two pieces.

Every 2-6 weeks we recommend changing proteins. This implies that during 2-6 weeks you would feed one taste regularly, swap over 2-6 weeks to the next one, etc. This is a fantastic method to give the diversity of your dog and to help maintain protein allergies. But feeding your dog with the same dish for long time is no problem!

Because their bodies are using so much of the food, many raw-fed dogs have smaller, firmer, and less frequent feces. Our recipes are fortified with probiotics to maintain healthy gut flora and include natural sources of fiber such as pumpkin seed and raw crushed bone for digestion. When rehydrating the food, you may always add additional water to ensure your dog stays hydrated. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at [email protected] or 0971234522!


Our dog meals are not dangerous to cats and vice versa, and you may feed them on an as-needed basis. However, because they are meant to be comprehensive and balanced for a cat’s nutritional needs, we advocate using our frozen or freeze-dried meals for cats on a regular basis. Because the nutritional requirements of cats and dogs differ, we always recommend giving them food that is particularly developed for them. We do have a money-back guarantee, so you can always return or exchange the bag you bought to the merchant.

Our raw and kibble products have a shelf life of 14-18 months from the date of manufacture, while our wet meals have a 24-month shelf life. We recommend utilizing our items by this date (marked on the bag) or within a month of receiving them. We would trash the bag if it was much longer than that. The specified shelf life will not be extended by freezing or refrigerating. Whether the bag is opened or not, the expiration date stays the same.

An oxygen absorbing agent (the package you see in certain bags) is designed to keep the product fresh before it is opened. Furthermore, while we utilize nitrogen flushing on our goods, not all of them will have the oxygen absorber. Nitrogen is a tasteless, odorless gas that is used to assist eliminate oxygen from the bag – it has no effect on the food.

We produce everything with natural ingredients in small batches. Due to this procedure, a fluctuation from batch to batch is commonly seen. This usually appears in color, fragrance and texture. Please be assured of the consistence and safety of product composition and quality of components. For further information, please contact [email protected].

Ingredients like as ground bone and organ, not human-grade ingredients are part of our raw and kibble diets, which is because of a number of issues. Furthermore, our non-wet goods are made in pet food plants – that means that they do not qualify as human-grade.

Kelly & Co’s has dedicated to the use of safe, high-quality ingredients. We focus mainly on providing safe, top-class food that will make it possible for all animals to flourish. All ingredients come from a source we know and have confidence in, and all our meats come from a USDA-inspected facilities (or comparable inspection organizations outside the United States). The animal proteins that are utilized in our dietary formulas are produced responsibly and always fed grass, cage free or wild. Our raw foods are all organically certified fruits and vegetables and offer solid vitamin and mineral nourishment.

Our kibble should be kept at room temperature in its original container. Refrigerating or freezing does not increase the shelf life, and our QA team warns against doing so since it may introduce moisture into the product and perhaps mold.


In order to assure the safety of our raw ingredients Kelly & Co’s has a unique food safety method. Our rapid heat treatment is a powerful phase in this process—a cold-water pressure technique that efficiently removes dangerous germs from your food. All our raw goods employ this procedure, irrespective of protein. Since germs from food might be present in all kinds of meat, we consider it to be responsible to incur additional costs of HPP for all of our goods. In this approach, pet owners may be sure that they always bring a safe meal home.

HPP is also the only guaranteed way to retain our goods’ excellent raw nutrition while yet eliminating dangerous microorganisms. All bats are then sent for pathogenic bacteria testing — without negative test results nothing leaves our facility. We also post these test results on our website. We are dedicated to the production of the most healthy, safe and tasty food on the market. Find out more about the safety of our pet food.

Kelly & Co’s is dedicated to utilizing only the safest ingredients that fulfill our stringent requirements. We are primarily concerned with providing safe, top-of-the-line nourishment that will enable all dogs to thrive. All of our products are sourced from sources we know and trust, and all of our meats are sourced from USDA-inspected facilities (or comparable inspection organizations outside of the US) that do not allow floor waste, ill, or euthanized animals. The animal proteins we utilize are always grass-fed, cage-free, farm-raised, or wild-caught and are responsibly sourced. We take pleasure in sourcing proteins from farms that practice ethical animal treatment.

In our kitchen we never use artificial preservatives. We employ mixed tocopherols in our goods (a natural vitamin-based preservative), but freeze-dried are the major methods of preservation!

The natural aromas we utilize are basically as broth – it is a concentrated, dry broth, added to improve its aromas. In order to minimize misunderstanding, we list a specific type of flavor (e.g. vegetable taste, etc.).

At this moment we can’t guarantee GMO-free goods and we don’t use organic beef – but we can’t do it without antibiotics and additional hormones. Our fruits and veggies are organic in nature. Furthermore, you might wish to explore our fish-based goods if you are worried with GMOs. The fish are all wild. Our red meat products may also be an alternative (beef, lamb or venison). All of them are 100% grass-fed.


We provide a wide range of complete and balanced meals for pups of all breeds and sizes, including frozen and freeze-dried raw alternatives as well as kibble. Find out more about puppy food alternatives.

Our frozen and freeze-dried raw diets and kibble recipes for cats are meant to be full and balanced for all life phases – this includes your kitten! They do fulfill AAFCO requirements for full and balanced nutrition at all stages of life. Please keep in mind that our wet cat food is NOT full and balanced for kittens. Learn more about kitten food alternatives.

We are pleased to inform you that the diet in all life phases is complete and balanced, so that it is also nutritionally balanced for older dogs! We provide a range of alternatives, including frozen and freeze-dried raw, and kibble food. Find out more about the choices we offer for older dogs.

Our frozen or freeze-dried raw meals work well for most diabetic dogs (the carbs are only 1-2 percent as fed or dry). If the dog is sufficiently steady, though, the kibble can be acceptable. If you want additional information, please contact [email protected]! We always recommend speaking with a veterinarian first to ensure Kelly & Co’s is appropriate for your dog’s specific needs.

We do not have a meal that is especially intended for weight growth. Rather than feeding to your dog’s present weight, we propose feeding to the weight you want your dog to be at. On the back of all of our packaging and on our website, we give recommended feeding instructions. Because dogs sometimes require more or less than the feeding guidelines suggest, we always recommend talking with your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is eating enough to acquire the weight required and doing it in a healthy manner.

We do not have a food that is specifically designed for weight loss. But instead of feeding to your dog’s current weight, we recommend feeding to the weight you desire your dog to be at. On the back of all of our packaging and on our website, we provide recommended feeding guidelines. Because dogs’ nutritional needs vary, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is getting enough food to lose weight in a healthy way. Kelly & Co’s food is pure and nutrient-dense, so there are no extraneous carbohydrates. Our raw diets have a carbohydrate content of only 1-2 percent.

Our kibble should be kept at room temperature in its original container. Refrigerating or freezing does not increase the shelf life, and our QA team warns against doing so since it may introduce moisture into the product and perhaps mold.


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